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What Is the P-Shot? 5 Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

What Is the P-Shot Benefits for Erectile Dysfunction

The thought of injecting blood into the penis may seem like a macabre punishment to scare unruly boys, but, believe it or not, it’s an actual therapy administered in several clinics across the globe.

There’s a name for this type of therapy—a P-shot. Also known as a priapus shot, the P-shot is a novel erectile dysfunction treatment. It involves drawing platelet-rich plasma (PRP) from your blood, usually from your arm, and then injecting this plasma into the penis to enhance erection quality.

The belief here is that the P-shot, just like other PRP therapies, facilitates soft tissue growth and helps the body regenerate from scarring and damage by boosting the affected area with healthy platelet cells.

That said, then follows the question: is a P-shot actually going to help people restore erectile function? Is it a safe procedure with no dire side effects? Or is it just a hyped treatment plan that’s not as effective as it claims to be?

Let’s clear the air for you. We’ll discuss what the P-shot is, its benefits, and alternative treatment for ED.

What is Erectile Dysfunction?

Ever felt sexually aroused as a man, but couldn’t get your penis up no matter how hard you tried to stimulate it?

That, in a nutshell, is the experience of patients suffering from erectile dysfunction.

Also known as impotence or ED, this sexual dysfunction is one of the most prevalent conditions to afflict the older male demographic, with nearly all men over 75 having at least a mild form of this impaired sexual function.

While people can suffer from occasional bouts of failed erections, ED is something that’s longer-lasting and debilitating. Suffering from this condition would need medical attention if it’s causing great distress to you and your partner.

There are several common causes of erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • Physiological factors: Having underlying health conditions, such as heart disease or kidney disease, could make it more difficult for men to get their erections up and going.
  • Psychological factors: Men with depression, anxiety, and major stressors in their life are more prone to developing erectile damage than mentally-healthy men.
  • Substance abuse: Men who frequently indulge in booze and cigarettes are more likely to have ED due to the damaging effects of these vices on the blood vessels.
  • Medication interactions: Some medications like antihistamines and neurological medications may be inadvertently causing ED,
  • Injuries: Peyronie’s disease can make it harder for your penis to stay erect, stunting sexual performance.

If you have any of these symptoms, your sexual health may be at risk and you would need the appropriate treatment, such as a P-shot, to enhance sexual function.

PRP Therapy for the Penis Explained

The P-shot, as mentioned earlier, harnesses the body’s natural healing capabilities with the help of advanced medical technology.

The process involves drawing a small sample of the patient’s blood, typically from the arm. This liquid is then processed in a centrifuge to separate and concentrate the platelets from platelet-poor-plasma and red blood cells.

This platelet-rich plasma is then subsequently re-injected into specific areas of the penis. One study reported that the increased volume of concentrated platelets improves blood flow and tissue regeneration. It also helps promote growth factors in the injected region.

For erectile dysfunction sufferers, this therapy sounds great in theory. However, there’s a significant lack of research on this medical procedure, which greatly limits its acceptance as a mainstream treatment plan.

That said, one 2022 study led by Schirmann did show that the P-shot procedure is helpful in moderate cases of ED. This proves that there’s promise in this treatment plan in helping improve sexual wellness, albeit a small one.

5 Benefits of the P-Shot for Erectile Dysfunction

The P-shot is one of the recommended treatments for erectile dysfunction. Here is why this is the case:

1. It’s considered safe

According to the aforementioned study by Schirmann, patients who underwent this treatment did not experience any side effects.

This contrasts with other forms of ED treatments, such as ED pills, which often come with a range of side effects, many of which can become severe.

As there are fewer studies specific to the P-shot compared to more well-studied procedures, it’s advised to consult the proper guidance of a medical professional.

2. It’s not painful

The P-shot treatment procedure is often administered with a topical numbing cream. This helps make the injection feel less painful during the session.

Furthermore, noticeable pain has not been noted for P-shot patients days after treatment.

3. It results in harder, longer-lasting erections

p shot results harder longer lasting erections considered safe not painful

Since the P-shot brings increased blood flow to the penile tissue, this can result in better-quality erections. This can make sex a much more approachable activity compared to before.

4. It helps improve the penis shape

In a separate 2022 study, about 80% of animals have been reported to have experienced a significant improvement in their penile curvature following P-shot treatment.

This shows that the P-shot can help in cases of Peyronie’s disease. That said, studies for humans are limited.

5. It can lengthen erections

In some cases, especially in patients with Peyronie’s disease, a P-shot can lead to increased penis length and girth.

This is most especially noticeable during erections, with about a .5 centimeter increase in length.

Safe Alternatives to the P-Shot Treatment

Not willing to take the P-shot yet? 

There are several alternative and safe ED treatments out there to consider, including the following therapies.

  • Physical therapy: Tailored exercises can strengthen pelvic muscles, aiding in improved erectile function.
  • RestoreWave therapy: Also known as acoustic wave therapy, this method includes a wand device that breaks down plaque in the penis to help encourage blood flow and improve erectile function.
  • ED therapy: Doctors may prescribe gels, creams, and injections to improve erectile quality.

Furthermore, undergoing lifestyle adjustments like quitting vices and eating healthily can do a number in improving your erections and health at large.

Improve Your Sexual Health at Cleveland, Ohio’s Best Male Clinic

Improve Your Sexual Health at Cleveland Ohio’s Best Male Clinic

A P-shot is an up-and-coming ED treatment plan that shows a lot of promise, but without sufficient research to back it up, it’s hard for clinics to confidently adopt it in their treatment catalog.

Here at Precise Men’s Medical Center located in Cleveland, we offer the best male treatments, ranging from ED treatment, PE treatment, RestoreWave therapy, adrenal fatigue treatment, and more.

Contact our medical team today, your initial consultation and first treatment are completely free.

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