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8 Research-Backed Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Every Single Day

Research-Backed Reasons Why You Should Have Sex Every Single Day

While you don’t love your partner any less as you age, it’s natural for older men to slow down on their sexual escapades. From erectile dysfunction to decreased stamina, exerting yourself to the same capability as your younger self can be quite an arduous challenge.

Sex is not only a sexual act, it’s also a way to bond between partners. But as you age, engaging in sex can be physically draining, even if you don’t suffer from any other health condition.

Couple that sense of exhaustion with sexual disorders, then sex becomes more of a hurdle. In these cases, sex isn’t only draining, it’s also debilitating. Consult a doctor immediately if you face any sexual dysfunction symptoms.

That said, having sex is essential, no matter your age. Sexual intercourse is a way to relieve stress, bond with your partner, and burn calories simultaneously.

Besides the aforementioned reasons, there’s a slew of positive reasons why sex is good. Read more to know how everyday sex benefits you.

Potential Benefits Of Everyday Sex

Believe it or not, couples engaging in sex every day is a rarity in this day and age. According to one one survey, barely 1% of people over 55 engaged in everyday sex.

From a busy lifestyle to a lack of energy or ability, there are many reasons why people choose to forego the daily sex lifestyle. That being said, this crowd is missing out on key advantages that only people who engage in everyday sex would have.

These are some of the health benefits of having sex every day.

1. Your Relationship Grows Stronger

Did your nearly insatiable desire to be with your spouse wane as you got older?

Your career, responsibilities, and decreased libido are some reasons why you may not hold the same passion as you once did during your honeymoon period. Besides that, sexual dysfunction may also influence your sense of intimacy—or lack thereof.

That said, it’s important to remember that sex isn’t meant to fatigue you. Sex is meant to foster a special bond of intimacy that connects two individuals. Not only does this intimate act strengthen your relationship, but it also boosts affection between partners.

Therefore, consider having sex every day for a long-lasting relationship.

2. Reduces Risk Of Prostate Cancer

Did you know? Participating in sex every day reduces the chance of you contracting prostate cancer.

According to an updated study, men reporting higher ejaculation frequency have a lower risk of prostate cancer when compared to men with lower ejaculation frequency.

Considering the fact that prostate cancer is one of the leading cancers in North America, engaging in sex can be a decent safeguard against this cancer.

3. Keeps Your Heart Healthy

Sex reduces blood pressure and stress. According to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC), around 600,000 Americans die of cardiovascular diseases every year.

Stress triggers your nervous system, releasing the stress hormones cortisol and catecholamines, which increase blood pressure and heart rate. Continuous stress results in chronic conditions like cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

The climactic moments of sexual activity trigger the release of oxytocin, relieving stress and enhancing cardiovascular health.

Frequent sexual pleasure is linked to a lower risk of developing heart disease. That said, make sure to visit your doctor to get a proper health evaluation.

4. Improves Overall Fitness

Going to the gym requires motivation and time blocking, but sex does not. And conveniently enough, another way to reduce fat in your body and be fit is to have regular sex.

Regular sex is an excellent form of exercise if done every day. Challenging positions during sex not only boost your libido, but also increases the calories burnt.

So if you happen to miss out on hitting the gym earlier in the day, consider a “sexercise” session with your partner!

5. Helps to Relieve Pain

sex daily relationship stronger heart healthy relieve pain longevity

During sexual arousal and orgasms, endorphins and other chemicals get released and double as natural pain relievers.

As reported by a study, around 60% of patients suffering from migraine revealed moderate to complete relief from headaches. Male migraine patients who engaged in sexual activity felt less intense headaches following the session.

6. Increases Immunity

Worried about virus strains? Regular sex may help your body defend you against ailments, such as the common cold and fever.

Frequent sex increases the level of the antibody immunoglobulin A (IgA). According to a recent study, the immune system gets better at fighting pathogens when participants engage in high-frequency sex.

That said, it’s always better to consult a doctor than have sex if you are ill.

7. Sex Promotes Longevity

Sexual health influences well-being and quality of life. When you orgasm, a hormone, dehydroepiandrosterone, is released. This hormone helps improve immunity, repair tissues, and keep your skin healthy.  All these factors combined lead to better health and a better life.

8. Having Sex Results in More Sex

Having routine sex can increase your sex drive and testosterone levels and make you more passionate. Having sex every day releases hormones and chemicals that boost your mood, which further reinforces you to continue having frequent sex in the future.

As a result, sex can be more tantalizing the more times you do it with your partner. This greatly enhances the moments you bond with your partner. Not only does this produces a chain reaction in getting all the benefits of sex, but it also increases the duration of your sexually active life—as stated in a study.

Cleveland’s Top Male Health Clinic Can Help Men Combat Sexual Health Problems

Cleveland’s Top Male Health Clinic Can Help Men Combat Sexual Health Problems

Sex is a fantastic way to grow your relationship holistically. It keeps you and your partner healthy and improves your sexual functioning.

That said, there are various impairments that can put a halt to your sex life, including:

Low energy levels and exhaustion are also reasons why sex wanes as you age. However, a healthy sex life can help reduce the risk of these disorders and increase your stamina.

If you have any sexual disorders, it’s important to get help.

Working with experienced medical professionals like those at Cleveland male clinic Precise Men’s Medical Center for a proper clinical evaluation leads to better outcomes for men with ED, PE, Low-T, and other sexual concerns. Give our team a call today to schedule your appointment.

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