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How to Find the Best Urologist (For ED, PE & More)

How to Find the Best Urologist For ED, PE and More

Urologists are doctors that specialize in urinary tract issues for both men and women. However, they are also specialists when it comes to the male reproductive system.

If you have concerns relating to your penis, prostate, or testes then you’ll want to consult with a urologist so they can diagnose the problem — if there even is one.

But how do you find a good urologist? And what factors do you have to consider when looking for one?

In this post, you’ll learn everything there is to know about finding a doctor that treats ED symptoms.

Finding a Doctor for Erectile Dysfunction and Related Concerns

52% of men will suffer some form of erectile dysfunction in their lifetime. And 30% to 40% will suffer premature ejaculation. That means you’ll have to find a good urologist sooner or later.

Here’s a quick guide on how to find a good urologist.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation. This is one of the best places to ask since he or she would probably know all the urologists in your area.

You can reach out to family, friends, and even colleagues if you want. But do keep in mind that they’re probably going to ask questions about why you’re looking for a urologist.

If you’re not open to talking about issues like erectile dysfunction (ED), premature ejaculation (PE), low testosterone, urinary tract infection, or your medical history, then avoid asking any of them for recommendations.

You should consider the sex of the urologist too. It doesn’t matter if you end up consulting with a man or a woman. Both will pay you proper attention and care. However, some men are more comfortable talking with male doctors.

Do Online Research

Most people start their search for a urologist on search engines like Google. A quick search will help you find doctors that can do a physical exam and order blood tests to see what issues are affecting your erectile function.

You can also search for hospitals or clinics in your area. Their websites will have a directory showing if they have urologists on staff. If there’s anyone who you think is interesting, you can do some further research to see that doctor’s credentials and achievements in the field.

Check With Your Insurance Provider

If you’re using insurance to pay for ED treatments, contact your insurance provider to see which urologists are in their network. Consulting with your insurance provider brings your list of urologists from tens or hundreds down to a handful.

And while you’re checking with your insurance provider, ask if they cover treatments like:

You should know right away if you’ll have to pay for possible ED treatment options yourself.

Look at Reviews

There are websites that compile patient reviews and ratings to help people find the right doctor for them. Google might also show reviews and ratings for urology clinics. Use patient feedback to see what each doctor is like.

However, it must be said that sometimes reviewers exaggerate their complaints especially if they’re unhappy with the results. So, you have to take their reviews with a grain of salt. One or two negative comments shouldn’t stop you from giving a urologist a try.

Consider the Clinical Facility

consider clinical facility look for reviews do online research request recommendations

The hospital or clinic location is a deciding factor when choosing a urologist. Not only do you want the facility closer to home, but you also want a place that you feel comfortable with. This should help you feel less stressed about the checkup. You want to be as secure in your decision as possible.

Ideally, you’ll want your urologist to work in the same hospital or nearby clinical facility as your other doctors. This will make regular checkups way more convenient since you’ll find all doctors and laboratories are under one roof.

Connect via Web Conference

If you’re not the type of person who’d want to leave home, then consider connecting with a urologist through a web conference app.

There are doctors that can diagnose erectile dysfunction without requiring you to go to the clinic (unless necessary). They can suggest lifestyle changes like quitting smoking or finding a mental health provider too.

For people who’d like to take this route, find urologists that can meet with you online. In most cases, all you’ll need is a webcam, a web conferencing app, and a computer with high-speed internet. Some doctors use specific apps to communicate with patients.

Find a Doctor That Speaks the Same Language

For people that aren’t native English speakers, consider finding a doctor that can speak in your native tongue. Your doctor will not only explain why you’re losing erection in detail but also give you specific steps to follow. It will be easier for you to follow along if you’re able to understand everything.

If you can’t find a urologist that speaks your native language, bring someone with you who can help you process the information you’re given.

Why Is It Important to Find a Urologist?

Here are some of the reasons why you want to consult with a specialist and not a general practitioner.

  1. A urologist looks at all your risk factors, sexual function, and prescription medication. He or she will see if you have a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, or blood flow issues. You’ll also be asked about your sex life. And the urologist can also order a blood test to see what else could be causing your lack of sexual arousal.
  2. If you don’t go to a specialist, you could get misdiagnosed. A urologist will know all the health conditions that can cause a person to get erectile dysfunction. And they know which blood and urine tests to give you. If they see that you have poor blood flow due to damaged blood vessels, they’ll let you know.
  3. They can recommend a mental health professional if the erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation ends up being a psychological issue and not a physical one.
  4. You can talk to your urologist about penile implants, testosterone therapy, prescription drugs, vacuum erection devices, herbal remedies, and other treatments that you could try. They’ll know which treatments are best for you based on your medical and sexual history.

A good urologist can help you to have normal erections once more. But you’ll have to act fast. Consult with a doctor if you think you’re having erectile dysfunction to prevent potential nerve damage should that be what’s causing the issue.

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Regain Your Sexual Vitality with Medical Guidance from the Top Men’s Clinic in Cleveland

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